Books on the Eucharist

Happy New Year!

As dioceses throughout the nation have named 2022 a Year of the Eucharist as a part of the 3-year Eucharistic revival plan launched by the US Bishops General Assembly this November, we’d like to highlight some of our best books on the source and summit of Christian life.

Aquinas on Transubstantiation: The Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist
Reinhard Hütter

“Readers are treated to a lively defense of the doctrine of transubstantiation by which, with a robust theological realism, church teaching has sought to secure the mystery of Christ’s Eucharistic presence.”

—Archbishop Augustine J. Di Noia, OP, Vatican City

Eucharist Presence: A Study in the Theology of Disclosure: A Study in the Theology of Disclosure
Robert Sokolowski

“A careful reading of this profound analysis of the Holy Eucharist will be rewarded with a more fruitful participation at Mass. Here we find a modern model of the Catholic theologian who shows us in the concrete how to practice ‘faith seeking understanding’.”

—Kenneth Baker, S.J., Editor, Homiletic and Pastoral Review

Bread from Heaven: An Introduction to the Theology of the Eucharist
Bernhard Blankenhorn

Bread from Heaven will serve as a standard resource on the Eucharist for many, many years.”

—Paul Gondreau, Providence College

A Gift of Presence: The Theology and Poetry of the Eucharist in Thomas Aquinas
Jan-Heiner Tück

Foreword by Bruch D. Marshall

Translated by Scott G. Hefelfinger

“Tück’s achievement in this wide-ranging and insightful book is remarkable. He describes Aquinas’s Eucharistic theology accurately and with sensitivity… the translator is to be congratulated for making this rich and important book available to English readers. The book, I think, is a must-read for anyone interested in Eucharistic theology and practice, past and present.”

—Joseph Wawrykow, University of Notre Dame

Sacrifice as Gift: Eucharist, Grace, and Contemplative Prayer in Maurice de la Taille
Michon Matthiesen

“Gives a lucid, learned, and engaging discussion of a major theologian who helped map the route toward the gift of grace issuing from Eucharistic communion and mystical union.”

—Henry Hart, Anglican Theological Review

Introduction to Sacramental Theology: Signs of Christ in the Flesh
José Granados

“This is more than an introductory text. It is more, in fact, than a mere treatise or theology of the sacraments. It is theology done sacramentally—at once scriptural, mystagogical, and systematic… The sweep of this book is breathtaking and comprehensive. It opens up the complete sacramentality of Christian life.”

—Scott Hahn, author of The Fourth Cup: Unveiling the Mystery of the Last Supper and the Cross and President of the St. Paul Center

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