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Irish-American Autobiography

The Divided Hearts of Athletes, Priests, Pilgrims, and More

James Silas Rogers
Narrated by Julian Casey

Irish-American Autobiography opens a new window on the shifting meanings of Irishness over the twentieth century, by looking at a range of works that have never before been considered as a distinct body of literature.

Papist Devils

Catholics in British America, 1574-1783

Robert Emmett Curran
Narrated by James McSorley

The unprecedentedly broad scope of this study, which encompasses not only the thirteen colonies that took up arms against Britain in 1775, but also those in the maritime provinces of Canada as well as the ones in the West Indies, constitutes a unique coverage of the British Catholic colonial experience, as does the extension of the colonial period through the American Revolution, which was its logical dénouement.

The Personalism of John Henry Newman

John F. Crosby
Narrated by Kevin F. Spalding

The inexhaustible plenitude of Newman derives from the union of apparent opposites in him: the union of his teaching on the heart with his theocentric teaching, of the subjectivity of experience with the objectivity of revealed truth.

The Mind That Is Catholic

Philosophical and Political Essays

James V. Schall
Narrated by Tim Lundeen

In The Mind That Is Catholic, James V. Schall presents a retrospective collection of his academic and literary essays written in the past fifty years. In each essay, he exemplifies the Catholic mind at its best: seeing the whole, leaving nothing out.

Navy Priest

The Life of Captain Jake Laboon, SJ

Richard Gribble
Narrated by Paul R. Wilkinson Jr.

Father Jake made a significant contribution to the United States Navy, both as a World War II submarine officer and, most prominently, during a 22-year career as a chaplain. Loved by all with whom he had contact, Father Jake was a model of Christian fidelity, faith and complete dedication to God and country.


A Cultural and Social History of Modern Football

Christian Koller and Fabian Brandle
Narrated by Emil N Gallina

This book, which will appeal to all connoisseurs of soccer, provides a lens through which to view the social and cultural history of modern Europe.

Transcending Architecture

Contemporary Views on Sacred Spaces

Edited by Julio Bermudez
Narrated by Damien Brunetto

Far from avoiding the charged issues of subjectivity, culture and intangibility, the book examines phenomenological, symbolic and designerly ways in which the holy gets fixed and experienced through buildings, landscapes, and urban forms, and even beyond institutionally defined religious or sacred places.

The Practice of Catholic Theology

A Modern Proposal

Paul J. Griffiths
Narrated by Thomas D. Hand

In The Practice of Catholic Theology: A Modest Proposal, Paul J. Griffiths has written a how-to book for Catholic theologians that will both instruct beginners and challenge long-time practitioners to sharpen their understanding of their craft.

A Godly Humanism

Clarifying the Hope that Lies Within

Francis Cardinal George
Narrated by Kevin F. Spalding

For Cardinal Francis George, the Catholic Church is not a movement, built around ideas, but a communion, built around relationships. In A Godly Humanism, he shares his understanding of the Church in lively, compelling prose, presenting a way to understand and appreciate the relationships of God to human beings and of human beings to one another.

The Travels of Reverend Ólafur Egilsson

The Story of the Barbary Corsair Raid on Iceland in 1627

Ólafur Egilsson
Translated by Karl Smári Hreinsson and Adam Nichols

Narrated by Bruce Kramer

In the summer of 1627, Barbary corsairs raided Iceland, killing dozens of people and abducting close to four hundred to sell into slavery in Algiers. Among those taken was the Lutheran minister Reverend Ólafur Egilsson, who wrote The Travels to chronicle his experiences both as a captive and as a traveler across Europe. This is the historic, first-ever English translation of the Icelandic text.

By Knowledge and By Love

Charity and Knowledge in the Moral Theology of St. Thomas Aquinas

Michael S. Sherwin
Narrated by Gregory D. Kufchak

By Knowledge and By Love represents a major contribution to Thomistic moral theology and philosophy by providing a thoughtful examination of Aquinas’ psychology of action and his theology of charity.

Freedom and Necessity

St. Augustine’s Teaching on Divine Power and Human Freedom

Gerald Bonner
Narrated by Mitch Leopard

The author, a historian turned theologian, has studied Augustine for more than sixty years and seeks neither to extenuate nor to condemn him, but to depict his thought. His book will prove fruitful for all who engage it.

The Ultimate Why Question

Why Is There Anything at All Rather than Nothing Whatsoever?

John F. Wippel
Narrated by Kevin Charles Minatrea

Readers will gain a greater understanding and appreciation of an issue that has taxed the ingenuity of many philosophers through the centuries and continues to intrigue many thinkers today.