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In honor of this season of theological conferences, we’re offering a limited-time deal on select theology titles. From now until July 25th, 2022, hardcover titles are $40, paperback titles are $20, and select general interest books are $15. To see the full list of sales titles, please email Olivia Schmitz at [email protected].

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Against the Inveterate Obduracy of the Jews

Peter The Venerable, Irven M. Resnick


Patrick Ryan

Anselm's Pursuit of Joy

Gavin R. Ortlund

The Apostle Paul and His Letters

James B. Prothro, Thomas D. Stegman

Aquinas on Imitation of Nature

Wojciech Golubiewski, Tianyue Wu

The Art of Preaching

Daniel Cardo, Timothy Gallagher

Be Opened!

Marlana Portolano

Beauty and the Good

Alice M. Ramos

Before Amoris Laetitia

Jaroslaw Kupczak, Grzegorz Ignatik

Being Unfolded

Thomas Gricoski, William Desmond

Betting on Freedom

Angelo Scola, Luigi Geninazzi, Carlo Lancellotti

A Biblical Path to the Triune God

Denis Farkasfalvy, Bruce D. Marshall, Thomas Esposito

Biomedicine and Beatitude

Nicanor Pier Giorgio Austriaco

Black Catholic Studies Reader

David J. Endres, Wilton Cardinal Gregory

The Bonds of Love

Gordon Mursell

The Book of Divine Works

Nathaniel M. Campbell, St. Hildegard of Bingen

Bread from Heaven

Bernhard Blankenhorn

Cajetan on Sacred Doctrine

Hieromonk Gregory Hrynkiw, Andrew Hofer

Catechesis for the New Evangelization

Brian Pedraza

Catholic Dogmatic Theology: A Synthesis

Jean-Herve Nicolas, Matthew K. Minerd, Allen Vigneron

The Catholic Enlightenment

Ulrich L. Lehner, Shaun Blanchard

Catholic Labor Movements in Europe

Paul Misner

The Center Is Jesus Christ Himself

Andrew Meszaros, Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan, James Massa

Church and Communion

Philip Goyret, Joseph Thomas

The Cleansing of the Heart

Reginald Lynch

A Companion to Homo Abyssus

D. C. Schindler

The Complementarity of Women and Men

Paul C. Vitz

Conflict and Negotiation in the Early Church

Bronwen Neil, Pauline Allen

Contemporary Catholic Approaches to the People, Land, and State of Israel

Gavin D'Costa, Faydra L. Shapiro, H.B. Pierbattista Pizzaballa

Cooperation with Evil

Kevin L. Flannery

Counsels of Imperfection

Edward Hadas

Cross and Creation

Mark E. Therrien

Desiring the Beautiful

Filip Ivanovic

The Discovery of Being and Thomas Aquinas

Christopher M. Cullen, Franklin T. Harkins

Dogma and Ecumenism

Matthew Levering, Bruce L. McCormack, Thomas Joseph White


Guy Mansini

Eternal Life and Human Happiness in Heaven

Christopher M. Brown

The Face of the Lord

Stephen C. Smith

Faithful Interpretations

Philip Geister, Gösta Hallonsten, J. Augustine Di Noia

The Fathers of the Church in Christian Theology

Michel Fédou, Brian E. Daley, Peggy Manning Meyer

From Human Dignity to Natural Law

Richard Berquist, Steven J. Jensen

From the Dust of the Earth

Matthew J. Ramage

From the Trinity

Piero Coda, Peter J. Casarella, William Neu

A General Doctrine of the Sacraments and The Mystery of the Eucharist

Johann Auer

General Principles of Sacramental Theology

Roger W. Nutt

A Gift of Presence

Jan-Heiner Tück, Bruce D. Marshall, Scott G. Hefelfinger

Glory of the Logos in the Flesh

Michael Waldstein

God's Gift of the Universe

Paul O'Callaghan

The Godly Image

Romanus Cessario

Grace, Predestination, and the Permission of Sin

Taylor Patrick O'Neill

A Guide to Formation Advising for Seminary Faculty

Edward McCormack, Ronald D. Witherup

Habits and Holiness

Ezra Sullivan, Wojciech Giertych

Heresy in the Heartland

Mary J. Brown

The Holy Mass

Mike Aquilina, Thomas G. Weinandy

Homilies on Isaiah

Origen, Elizabeth Dively Lauro

Humanae Vitae: 50 Years Later

Theresa Notare, Charles J. Chaput

If Adam Had Not Sinned

Justus H. Hunter

In Reasonable Hope

Patrick Masterson

Into God

Regis J. Armstrong

Introduction to Mariology

Manfred Hauke, Richard Chonak

Introduction to Sacramental Theology

José Granados, David W. Fagerberg, Michael J. Miller

Investigating Vatican II

Jared Wicks

It is the Spirit Who Gives Life

Radu Bordeianu

Jesus Becoming Jesus, Volume 2

Thomas G. Weinandy

John Henry Newman and the Development of Doctrine

Stephen Morgan, Ian Ker

John Henry Newman on Truth and Its Counterfeits

Reinhard Hütter

Living the Catholic Tradition

Renée Köhler-Ryan

Manual de Doctrina Social de la Iglesia

Martin Schlag, Peter K.A. Turkson

Martin Luther and the Shaping of the Catholic Tradition

Nelson H. Minnich, Michael Root

The Metamorphoses of the City of God

Étienne Gilson, James G. Colbert, Remi Brague

Metaphysical Disputation I

Shane Duarte, Francisco Suarez

Moralia et Ascetica Armeniaca

Abraham Terian

Mysteries of the Lord's Prayer

John Gavin, George Weigel

Mystery and Intelligibility

Jeffrey Dirk Wilson

Naming Our Sins

Jana M. Bennett, David Cloutier

Natural Law and Thomistic Juridical Realism

Petar Popović, F. Russell Hittinger

Natural Law Ethics in Theory and Practice

Joseph Boyle, John Liptay, Christopher Tollefsen, Robert P. George

Nature as Guide

David Goodill

Neither Nature nor Grace

T. Adam Van Wart

New Narratives for Old

Anthony Briggman, Ellen Scully

On the Body of the Lord

St. Albert The Great, Sr. Albert Marie Surmanski

On the Motive of the Incarnation

The Salmanticenses (Discalced Carmelites of Salamanca), Dylan Schrader

On the Six Days of Creation

Gregory of Nyssa, Robin Orton

The One Creator God in Thomas Aquinas and Contemporary Theology

Michael J. Dodds

Person and Act and Related Essays

Wojtyła Karol

Pictures, Quotations, and Distinctions

Robert Sokolowski

The Pope

Gerhard Cardinal Müller, Brian McNeil

Pope Francis and The Search for God in América

Maria Clara Bingemer, Peter J. Casarella, Christophe Pierre

The Predestination of Humans and Angels

Cornelius Jansen, Guido Stucco

The Priesthood, Mystery of Faith

Nilson Leal de Sá, Cardinal José Saraiva Martins

A Quest for the Historical Christ

Anthony Giambrone

The Quotable Saint Jerome

St. Jerome, Scott Hahn, Justin McClain

Reading Job with St. Thomas Aquinas

Matthew Levering, Piotr Roszak, Jörgen Vijgen

Reason, Revelation, and Metaphysics

Montague Brown

Religious Freedom after the Sexual Revolution

Helen M. Alvare

Renewing Catholic Schools

R. Jared Staudt, Most Reverend Samuel J. Aquila, Institute for Catholic Liberal Education

Renewing Islam by Service

Pim Valkenberg

Renewing Our Hope

Robert Barron, Christophe Pierre

The Rhetoric of Faith

Scott D. Moringiello

Seat of Wisdom

James M. Jacobs

Seeing Jesus in the Eyes of the Oppressed

Paul T. Murray

Seeing with the Eyes of the Heart

Elizabeth T. Groppe

Social Justice and Subsidiarity

Thomas C. Behr

A Symphony of Distances

Christopher M. Hadley

The Theology of Louis Massignon

Christian Krokus

Thinking through Revelation

Robert J. Dobie

Thomas Aquinas and the Crisis of Christology

Michael Dauphinais, Andrew Hofer, Roger W. Nutt

Thomas Aquinas on the Immateriality of the Human Intellect

Adam Wood

A Thomistic Christocentrism

Dylan Schrader

Transcending Gender Ideology

Antonio Malo, Alice Pavey

A Trinitarian Anthropology

Michele M. Schumacher

The Trinity

Thomas Joseph White

The True Christian Life

Ambroise Gardeil, Matthew K. Minerd, Matthew Levering

The Unchanging Truth of God?

Thomas G. Guarino

Understanding the Religious Priesthood

Christian Raab, Brian E. Daley

Vestige of Eden, Image of Eternity

Daniel Toma

The Wayfarer’s End

Shawn M. Colberg

What We Hold in Trust

Don J. Briel, Kenneth E. Goodpaster, Michael J. Naughton, Dennis Holtschneider

Why Read Pascal?

Paul J. Griffiths

The Word and the Spiritual Realities (the I and the Thou)

Ferdinand Ebner, Harold J. Green, Joseph R. Chapel, Krzysztof Skorulski

A World on Fire

Erin Cline