St. Nersess Theological Review Vol. 14 (2022) Table of Contents

Letter from the Editor
Christopher Sheklian

Original Research Articles

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Some Preliminary Thoughts on the Incomplete Text of Anania Narekats‘i, Called Towards an Explication of Numbers [յաղագը բացայայտութեան թուոց]
Dr. Roberta Ervine

St. Grigor Narekats‘i’s Use of Extra-Canonical Writings: Two Examples
Archimandrite Shahe Ananyan
Translated from Eastern Armenian by Dr. Roberta Ervine

Spiritual Mourning with Tears in Armenian Christianity from the Fifth to the Tenth Century
Jesse Siragan Arlen

Translations from Classics of Armenian Scholarship

Translated Excerpt from H.H. Tamrazyan’s Grigor Narekatsi and The School of Narek Volume 2, Pages 53-63: “Khosrov Andzevatsi’s work Commentary on the Hours as a Pedagogical Program and its Role in the Formation of the Academic-Educational Curriculum of the School of Narek”
Translated by Christopher Sheklian

Book Reviews

Review of Michael Papazian’s The Doctor of Mercy: The Sacred Treasures of St. Gregory of Narek
Reviewed by Christopher Sheklian

Review of Abraham Terian’s translation of Gregory of Narek: From the Depths of the Heart: Annotated Translation of the Prayers of St. Gregory of Narek
Reviewed by Theo van Lint

Review of TKTK
Reviewed by Arpi Nakashian