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The Catholic University of America Press combines the highest standards of scholarship with fidelity to the Church’s tradition. In Faith and Reason for Everyone, our top academic theologians write for the educated reader, providing explanations and explorations of important and difficult issues at the intersection of faith and reason. Some of these titles present Catholic teaching in a systematic and understandable way, through catechisms, introductions, or the writings of the popes, providing practical guidance in areas like business, family life, and medicine. All of them count scholars, priests, students, and lay people as appreciative readers.

The Light of Christ

An Introduction to Catholicism

Thomas Joseph White

“The single best introduction to the Catholic faith in print.”

―Matthew Ramage, Benedictine College

“Thomas Joseph White is one of the brightest and most articulate theologians writing today. This book is an intelligent and spiritually alert introduction to the principal themes of Catholic theology. Both beginners and serious academics will find much to savor in its pages.”

―Bishop Robert Barron, best-selling author and auxiliary bishop of Los Angeles

Hell and the Mercy of God

Adrian J. Reimers

“A very impressive volume. Adrian Reimers deals with some of the most controversial and contested topics in Catholic life and theology today―the reality of hell and eternal punishment, the possibility of mortal sin, and so on―in a truly excellent way. To say that the book will be of interest to the educated Catholic should not be taken in any way to diminish the high quality of thought and seriousness of the accomplishment. “

―Ralph Martin, Sacred Heart Major Seminary

John Henry Newman on Truth and Its Counterfeits

A Guide for Our Times

Reinhard Hütter

Sacra Doctrina Series

“Responding to a friend writing worriedly in 1878 about Leo XII’s encyclical urging a return to St. Thomas Aquinas, Newman responded, ‘All I can say is I have no suspicion, and do not anticipate, that I shall be found in substance to disagree with St. Thomas.’ Hütter’s study shows not only that Newman is not in disagreement with Thomas, but that Newman and Thomas offer a powerful complementary witness to our age full of counterfeits of the truth.”

―David Deaval, Editor of LOGOS

Renewing the Mind

A Reader in the Philosophy of Catholic Education

Ryan N. S. Topping, editor

Perfect for a reading group of Catholic faculty or parents. There is an increasing interest in a “classical” model of Catholic education, but what does the tradition have to say for itself about education? Starting with its roots in Plato and the Greeks, anthology gives some of the greatest short texts on key topics of the Catholic tradition, from Augustine to Aquinas, Newman to Maria Montessori to Benedict XVI.

 “If only one book were to be placed in the hands of teachers, administrators and board members, it should be this book.”

―William Fahey, President, Thomas More College of Liberal Arts

Handbook of Catholic Social Teaching

A Guide for Christians in the World Today

Martin Schlag, editor

The Compendium of the Catholic Church is a great comprehensive resource to understand the Catholic Church’s social teaching. But who has time to read it all? In the Handbook of Catholic Social Teaching: A Guide for Christians in the World Today, Fr. Martin Schlag answers the popes’ call for a “catechism” of the social teaching, in a question-and-answer format. With a foreword by Cardinal Peter Turkson, this is an authoritative resource and one any adult Catholic can read and finish.

The Seven Deadly Sins

Sayings of the Fathers of the Church

Kevin M. Clarke, editor

“Many Christians credit the Church Fathers with making them Catholic―I’m one of them. But how many credit the Fathers with making them holy? As this wonderful collection affirms, the Fathers were not just scholars and apologists but, above all, pastors. They wanted to generate saints. This volume offers a fountain of their spiritual wisdom, bubbling with insight on the seven ‘capital’ vices and advice on avoiding them. Read this not just for intellectual enjoyment but to discover a centuries-old, proven path for conquering your worst sins.”

―Brandon Vogt, author and Content Director at Word on Fire Catholic Ministries

Death, Judgment, Heaven, and Hell

Sayings of the Fathers of the Church

Edward Condon, editor

As universalism―the doctrine that all are necessarily saved―is once again in vogue in both theological circles and the popular imagination, it is salutary to go back to the greatest thinkers of the early Christians and ask ― what did they say about “the four Last things”? Ed Condon, a canon lawyer and journalist, has pulled together their thoughts in this spiritually salutary form.

A Catechism for Family Life

Insights from Catholic Teaching on Love, Marriage, Sex, and Parenting

Sarah Bartel and John Grabowski, editors

“Having visited most US dioceses and taught young adults for decades, I can testify that this book contains the questions Catholics are asking here and now about sex, marriage, and family life, and sourced answers they can trust. This book is for every person who wants the full story on Catholic marriage, and for every marriage preparation instructor who has struggled to teach why indeed Catholics don’t ‘get married on the beach.”

―Helen Alvare, editor of Breaking Through: Catholic Women Speak for Themselves

A Catechism for Business

Tough Ethical Questions and Insights from Catholic Teaching

Second Edition

Andrew V. Abela and Joseph E. Capizzi, editors

 Your business questions, the Church’s answers. A Catechism for Business shows how core principles of Catholic teaching apply to knotty questions of business practice. Created by the former dean of the Catholic University Business School with a moral theologian and endorsed by dozens of Catholic CEO’s. Also available in Spanish.