Sound doctrine, profound reasoning. Top scholars, writing for everyone.

“Faith and Reason for Everyone” presents sound Catholic doctrine and profound explorations of key issues of faith and reason.

The Catholic University of America Press combines the highest standards of scholarship with fidelity to the Church’s tradition. In Faith and Reason for Everyone, our highly respected authors write for an educated reader, not limited to scholars or even people who studied in theology or philosophy in college.

Because of our authors’ expertise, these books provide deeper and more satisfying explanations of difficult topics, such as the existence of hell or the historical nature of the Gospels. Others present Catholic teaching in an easily understandable way, through catechisms, introductions, or the writings of the popes, providing practical guidance in areas like business, family life, and medicine. All of them lead to the Truth at the heart of the New Evangelization, the God of faith and reason.

A Catechism for Business

Tough Ethical Questions and Insights from Catholic Teaching

Edited by Andrew V. Abela and Joseph Capizzi

Your business questions, the Church’s answers. Our bestselling book, A Catechism for Business shows how core principles of Catholic teaching apply to knotty questions of business practice. Created by the former dean of the CUA Business School and a professor of moral theology and endorsed by dozens of top Catholic CEO’s. More information.

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Called to Holiness

On Love, Vocation, and Formation

By Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI

The Catholic Church has few needs as pressing as the need for more priestly vocations and better seminary formation. This is a book to give every young man and woman discerning their state in life, and we hope it will be a valuable tool for vocation directors. Fr. Pietro Rossotti, who teaches at Mt. St. Mary’s Seminary in Emmittsburg, Maryland, has compiled all of Benedict XVI’s most relevant addresses, speeches, and homilies to seminarians and consecrated men and women into a single volume for the English-speaking world.

"I warmly recommend it." -Charles J. Chaput, OFM Cap, Archbishop of Philadelphia

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The Quotable Augustine

Saint Augustine

“Persecution is the usual lot of those who proclaim the truth,” as Augustine once wrote. So arm yourself and amaze your friends, students, or listeners with great lines from the Doctor of Grace on sin, food, philosophy, virtue, etc. All the quotes are accompanied by original source citation (the quotation above from Commentary on the Lord’s Sermon on the Mount). Foreword by Fr. James V. Schall, SJ.

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Jesus, Interpreted

Benedict XVI, Bart Ehrman, and the Historical Truth of the Gospels

By Matthew Ramage

Does modern Biblical scholarship always destroy faith, or can it enrich faith? Bart Ehrman is one of the foremost popularizers of Biblical scholarship in America, and his works have cast doubt about the Christian view of Jesus. But Matthew Ramage guides us in another way to interpret the same scholarly data, with the help of the writings of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI; faith remains eminently reasonable.

"I simply cannot praise this book highly enough." -Matthew Levering

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A Godly Humanism

Clarifying the Hope That Lies Within

By Francis Cardinal George

Cardinal Francis George was one of the intellectual leading lights of the Catholic Church in America until his death in 2015, and this book gives his insights at the culmination of his journey of faith. On the path to wisdom, "there are few guides more reliable than our late friend, Francis Cardinal George" -Robert Royal, The Catholic Thing. See full review.

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