AHA Conference Discount

In honor of the annual conference for the American Historical Association, we’re offering a limited-time deal on these select titles.

From January 4 to February 6, 2023, use discount code “CAHA23” at checkout to get paperback titles for $20 and hardcover titles for $40.

Victim of History

Cardinal Mindszenty, a biography

Margit Balogh

Ukrainian Bishop, American Church

Constantine Bohachevsky and the Ukrainian Catholic Church

Martha Bohachevsky-Chomiak

The KGB and the Vatican

Secrets of the Mitrokhin Files

Sean Brennan

The Priest Who Put Europe Back Together

The Life of Father Fabian Flynn, CP

Sean Brennan

Heresy in the Heartland

The Controversy at The University of Dayton, 1960-1967

Mary J. Brown

The Saxon War

Bruno of Merseburg, Bernard S. Bachrach, David S. Bachrach

An Immigrant Bishop

John England’s Adaptation of Irish Catholicism to American Republicanism, second edition

Patrick W. Carey

Intestine Enemies

Catholics in Protestant America, 1605-1791: A Documentary History

Robert Emmett Curran

Papist Devils

Catholics in British America, 1574-1783

Robert Emmett Curran

The Devil and the Dolce Vita

Catholic Attempts to Save Italy’s Soul, 1948-1974.

Roy Domenico

Native American Catholic Studies Reader

History and Theology

David J. Endres

Black Catholic Studies Reader

History and Theology

David J. Endres, Wilton Cardinal Gregory

The Civil War Diary of Father James Sheeran, C.Ss.R.

Chaplain, Confederate, Redemptorist

Patrick J. Hayes

The Travels of Reverend Olafur Egilsson

The Story of the Barbary Corsair Raid on Iceland in 1627

Olafur Egilsson, Karl Smari Hreinsson, Adam Nichols

The Art of the Game of Chess

Ruy Lopez, Michael J. McGrath, Andrew Soltis

Teaching in Black and White

The Sisters of St. Joseph in the American South

Barbara E. Mattick

A Companion to Margaret More Roper Studies

Life Records, Essential Texts, and Critical Essays

Elizabeth McCutcheon, William Gentrup

The Bishop's Burden

Reforming the Catholic Church in Early Modern Italy

Celeste McNamara

Sin in the Sixties

Catholics and Confession 1955–1975

Maria C. Morrow

Irish Nationalists in Boston

Catholicism and Conflict, 1900–1928

Damien Murray

Respectably Catholic and Scientific

Evolution and Birth Control between the World Wars

Alexander Pavuk

Every Catholic An Apostle

A Life of Thomas A. Judge, CM, 1868–1933

William L. Portier

Be Opened!

The Catholic Church and Deaf Culture

Marlana Portolano

Irish-American Autobiography

Athletes, Priests, Pilgrims, and More

James Silas Rogers

Tales of a Minstrel of Reims in the Thirteenth Century

Samuel N. Rosenberg, William Chester Jordan, Randall T. Pippenger

America's Teilhard

Christ and Hope in the 1960s

Susan Kassman Sack

The Uses of the Dead

The Early Modern Development of Cy-Près Doctrine

Caroline R. Sherman

Jews and Christians in Medieval Castile

Tradition, Coexistence, and Change

Maya Soifer Irish

Christopher Dawson

A Cultural Mind in the Age of the Great War

Joseph T. Stuart

Blood in the Fields

Oscar Romero, Catholic Social Teaching, and Land Reform

Matthew Philipp Whelan