ACPA Conference Discount

In honor of the annual conference for the American Catholic Philosophical Association, we’re offering a limited-time deal on these select titles.

From November 14 to December 24, 2022, use discount code “ACPA22” at checkout to get 30% off!

Analogy after Aquinas

Logical Problems, Thomistic Answers

Domenic D'Ettore

Aquinas on Imitation of Nature

Source of Principles of Moral Action

Wojciech Golubiewski, Tianyue Wu

The Art of Conjecture

Nicholas of Cusa on Knowledge

Clyde Lee Miller

Before Amoris Laetitia

The Sources of the Controversy

Jaroslaw Kupczak, Grzegorz Ignatik

Before Truth

Lonergan, Aquinas, and the Problem of Wisdom

Jeremy D. Wilkins

Being Human

Philosophical Anthropology through Phenomenology

Robert E. Wood

Being is Better Than Not Being

The Metaphysics of Goodness and Beauty in Aristotle

Christopher V. Mirus

Being Unfolded

Edith Stein on the Meaning of Being

Thomas Gricoski, William Desmond

Biomedicine and Beatitude

An Introduction to Catholic Bioethics, second edition

Nicanor Pier Giorgio Austriaco

Bound for Beatitude

A Thomistic Study in Eschatology and Ethics

Reinhard Hütter

Bread from Heaven

An Introduction to the Theology of the Eucharist

Bernhard Blankenhorn

Catholic Dogmatic Theology: A Synthesis

Book 1, On the Trinitarian Mystery of God

Jean-Herve Nicolas, Matthew K. Minerd, Allen Vigneron

The Catholic Enlightenment

A Global Anthology

Ulrich L. Lehner, Shaun Blanchard

Christopher Dawson

A Cultural Mind in the Age of the Great War

Joseph T. Stuart

The Complementarity of Women and Men

Philosophy, Theology, Psychology, and Art

Paul C. Vitz

Cross and Creation

A Theological Introduction to Origen of Alexandria

Mark E. Therrien

Ecclesial Exegesis

A Synthesis of Ancient and Modern Approaches to Scripture

Gregory Vall

Eternal Life and Human Happiness in Heaven

Philosophical Problems, Thomistic Solutions

Christopher M. Brown

Ethical Excellence

Philosophers, Psychologists, and Real-Life Exemplars Show Us How to Achieve It

Heidi M. Giebel

The Experiment of Faith

Pope Benedict XVI on Living the Theological Virtues in a Secular Age

Matthew J. Ramage

Faith and Reason through Christian History

A Theological Essay

Grant Kaplan

From the Alien to the Alone

A Study of Soul in Plotinus

Gary M. Gurtler

God's Knowledge of the World

Medieval Theories of Divine Ideas from Bonaventure to Ockham

Carl A. Vater

Habits and Holiness

Ethics, Theology, and Biopsychology

Ezra Sullivan, Wojciech Giertych

In Reasonable Hope

Philosophical Reflections on Ultimate Meaning

Patrick Masterson

The Irreducibility of the Human Person

A Catholic Synthesis

Mark K. Spencer

John Henry Newman and the Development of Doctrine

Encountering Change, Looking for Continuity

Stephen Morgan, Ian Ker

The Metamorphoses of the City of God

Étienne Gilson, James G. Colbert, Remi Brague

Metaphysical Disputation I

On the Nature of First Philosophy or Metaphysics

Shane Duarte, Francisco Suarez

The Modeling of Nature

The Philosophy of Science and the Philosophy of Nature in Synthesis

William A. Wallace

Mysteries of the Lord's Prayer

Wisdom from the Early Church

John Gavin, George Weigel

Mystery and Intelligibility

History of Philosophy as Pursuit of Wisdom

Jeffrey Dirk Wilson

Natural Law and Thomistic Juridical Realism

Prospects for a Dialogue with Contemporary Legal Theory

Petar Popović, F. Russell Hittinger

Natural Law Ethics in Theory and Practice

A Joseph Boyle Reader

Joseph Boyle, John Liptay, Christopher Tollefsen, Robert P. George

Nature as Guide

Wittgenstein and the Renewal of Moral Theology

David Goodill

The Nature of Political Philosophy

And Other Studies and Commentaries

James V. Schall, William McCormick

Neither Nature nor Grace

Aquinas, Barth, and Garrigou-Lagrange on the Epistemic Use of God’s Effects

T. Adam Van Wart


Blaise Pascal, Pierre Zoberman, David Wetsel

Pictures, Quotations, and Distinctions

Fourteen Essays in Phenomenology

Robert Sokolowski

The Predestination of Humans and Angels

Augustinus, Tome III, Book IX

Cornelius Jansen, Guido Stucco

A Quest for the Historical Christ

Scientia Christi and the Modern Study of Jesus

Anthony Giambrone

Reason, Revelation, and Metaphysics

The Transcendental Analogies

Montague Brown

Religious Freedom after the Sexual Revolution

A Catholic Guide

Helen M. Alvare

Respectably Catholic and Scientific

Evolution and Birth Control between the World Wars

Alexander Pavuk

Revelations of Humanity

Anthropological Dimensions of Theological Controversies

Richard Schenk

Seat of Wisdom

An Introduction to Philosophy in the Catholic Tradition

James M. Jacobs

Thinking with St. John Paul II

JP2 Lectures, Volume 1

Dariusz Karlowicz

A Thomistic Christocentrism

Recovering the Carmelites of Salamanca on the Logic of the Incarnation

Dylan Schrader

Transcending Gender Ideology

A Philosophy of Sexual Difference

Antonio Malo, Alice Pavey

The Trinity

Eternity and Time

Thomas G. Weinandy

The True Christian Life

Thomistic Reflections on Divinization, Prudence, Religion, and Prayer

Ambroise Gardeil, Matthew K. Minerd, Matthew Levering

The Unchanging Truth of God?

Crucial Philosophical Issues for Theology

Thomas G. Guarino

The Virtues

John H. Garvey

What We Hold in Trust

Rediscovering the Purpose of Catholic Higher Education

Don J. Briel, Kenneth E. Goodpaster, Michael J. Naughton, Dennis Holtschneider

Why Read Pascal?

Paul J. Griffiths

The Word and the Spiritual Realities (the I and the Thou)

Pneumatological Fragments

Ferdinand Ebner, Harold J. Green, Joseph R. Chapel, Krzysztof Skorulski