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A Thomistic Psychology

Steven J. Jensen

From Human Dignity to Natural Law

An Introduction

Richard Berquist, Steven J. Jensen

Human Embryos, Human Beings

A Scientific and Philosophical Approach

Samuel B. Condic, Maureen L. Condic

Being and the Cosmos

From Seeing to Indwelling

Robert E. Wood

Swimming Against the Current in Contemporary Philosophy

Occasional Essays and Papers

Henry B. Veatch

John Duns Scotus


John K. Ryan, Bernardine M. Bonansea

The Human Person

A Beginner's Thomistic Psychology

Steven J. Jensen

Thinking through Revelation

Islamic, Jewish, and Christian Philosophy in the Middle Ages

Robert J. Dobie

Cooperation with Evil

Thomistic Tools of Analysis

Kevin L. Flannery

Transcending Gender Ideology

A Philosophy of Sexual Difference

Antonio Malo, Alice Pavey

Natural Law Ethics in Theory and Practice

A Joseph Boyle Reader

Joseph Boyle, John Liptay, Christopher Tollefsen, Robert P. George

In Search of Harmony

Metaphysics and Politics

James G. Hanink

The Metamorphoses of the City of God

Étienne Gilson, James G. Colbert, Remi Brague

Thomas Aquinas on the Cardinal Virtues

A Summa of the Summa on Justice, Courage, Temperance, and Practical Wisdom

Christopher Kaczor, Thomas Sherman, SJ, Ralph M. McInerny

John Henry Newman on Truth and Its Counterfeits

A Guide for Our Times

Reinhard Hütter

Naming Our Sins

How Recognizing the Seven Deadly Vices Can Renew the Sacrament of Reconciliation

Jana M. Bennett, David Cloutier

Death, Judgment, Heaven, and Hell

Sayings of the Fathers of the Church

Edward Condon, Chad C. Pecknold

Humanae Vitae: 50 Years Later

Embracing God's Vision for Marriage, Love, and Life; A Compendium

Theresa Notare, Charles J. Chaput

Origins of Catholic Words

A Discursive Dictionary

Anthony Lo Bello

Determining Death by Neurological Criteria

Current Practice and Ethics

Matthew Hanley

Renewing Catholic Schools

How to Regain a Catholic Vision in a Secular Age

R. Jared Staudt, Most Reverend Samuel J. Aquila, Institute for Catholic Liberal Education

Personal Catholicism

The Theological Epistemologies of John Henry Newman and Michael Polanyi

Martin X. Moleski

Far Too Easily Pleased

A Theology of Play, Contemplation, and Festivity

James V Schall Sj

On Resurrection

Irven M. Resnick, Franklin T. Harkins

Reason, Revelation, and Metaphysics

The Transcendental Analogies

Montague Brown

Beauty and the Good

Recovering the Classical Tradition from Plato to Duns Scotus

Alice M. Ramos

Cajetan on Sacred Doctrine

Hieromonk Gregory Hrynkiw, Andrew Hofer, OP

Neither Nature nor Grace

Aquinas, Barth, and Garrigou-Lagrange on the Epistemic Use of God’s Effects

T. Adam Van Wart

Anselm's Pursuit of Joy

A Commentary on the Proslogion

Gavin R. Ortlund

Being Unfolded

Edith Stein on the Meaning of Being

Thomas Gricoski, William Desmond

The Voiding of Being

The Doing and Undoing of Metaphysics in Modernity

William Desmond

Grace, Predestination, and the Permission of Sin

A Thomistic Analysis

Taylor Patrick O'Neill

The Discovery of Being and Thomas Aquinas

Philosophical and Theological Perspectives

Christopher M. Cullen, Franklin T. Harkins

The Moral Philosophy of Dietrich von Hildebrand

Martin Cajthaml, Vlastimil Vohánka, John F. Crosby

Desiring the Beautiful

The Erotic-Aesthetic Dimension of Deification in Dionysius the Areopagite and Maximus the Confessor

Filip Ivanovic

Fundamental Rights and Conflict among Rights

Pierluca Azzaro, Mary Ann Glendon

The Wayfarer’s End

Bonaventure and Aquinas on Divine Rewards in Scripture and Sacred Doctrine

Shawn M. Colberg

If Adam Had Not Sinned

The Reason for the Incarnation from Anselm to Scotus

Justus H. Hunter

Discerning Persons

Profound Disability, the Early Church Fathers, and the Concept of the Person in Bioethics

Pia Matthews