AAR Conference Discount

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In honor of the annual conference for the American Academy of Religion and the Society for Biblical Literature, we’re offering a limited-time discount on select books. From November 14 to December 24, 2022, use discount code “AAR22” when checking out to receive 30% off.

Find our booth #430 to see the full list of discounted titles!

Grant Kaplan, author of Faith and Reason through Christian History: A Theological Essay, will be at our booth on Monday the 21st from 11 am to 12 pm. Stop by and say hello!

Aquinas on Imitation of Nature

Source of Principles of Moral Action

Wojciech Golubiewski, Tianyue Wu

Bede the Theologian

History, Rhetoric, and Spirituality

John P. Bequette

Betting on Freedom

My Life in the Church

Angelo Scola, Luigi Geninazzi, Carlo Lancellotti

Blood in the Fields

Oscar Romero, Catholic Social Teaching, and Land Reform

Matthew Philipp Whelan

The Bonds of Love

St. Peter Damian's Theology of the Spiritual Life

Gordon Mursell

The Book of Divine Works

Nathaniel M. Campbell, St. Hildegard of Bingen

Bound for Beatitude

A Thomistic Study in Eschatology and Ethics

Reinhard Hütter

Catholic Dogmatic Theology: A Synthesis

Book 1, On the Trinitarian Mystery of God

Jean-Herve Nicolas, Matthew K. Minerd, Allen Vigneron

The Catholic Enlightenment

A Global Anthology

Ulrich L. Lehner, Shaun Blanchard

The Center Is Jesus Christ Himself

Essays on Revelation, Salvation, and Evangelization in Honor of Robert P. Imbelli

Andrew Meszaros, Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan, James Massa

The Complementarity of Women and Men

Philosophy, Theology, Psychology, and Art

Paul C. Vitz

Counsels of Imperfection

Thinking through Catholic Social Teaching

Edward Hadas

Faith and Reason through Christian History

A Theological Essay

Grant Kaplan

Faith and the Sacraments

A Commentary on the International Theological Commission's The Reciprocity of Faith and Sacraments in the Sacramental Economy: With Official Revised English Translation

International Theological Commission, Thomas G. Weinandy

Faithful Interpretations

Truth and Islam in Catholic Theology of Religions

Philip Geister, Gösta Hallonsten, J. Augustine Di Noia

From the Trinity

The Coming of God in Revelation and Theology

Piero Coda, Peter J. Casarella, William Neu

Habits and Holiness

Ethics, Theology, and Biopsychology

Ezra Sullivan, Wojciech Giertych

Heresy in the Heartland

The Controversy at The University of Dayton, 1960-1967

Mary J. Brown

If Adam Had Not Sinned

The Reason for the Incarnation from Anselm to Scotus

Justus H. Hunter

Introduction to Sacramental Theology

Signs of Christ in the Flesh

José Granados, David W. Fagerberg, Michael J. Miller

It is the Spirit Who Gives Life

New Directions in Pneumatology

Radu Bordeianu

John Henry Newman and the Development of Doctrine

Encountering Change, Looking for Continuity

Stephen Morgan, Ian Ker

John Henry Newman on Truth and Its Counterfeits

A Guide for Our Times

Reinhard Hütter

The Metamorphoses of the City of God

Étienne Gilson, James G. Colbert, Remi Brague

Natural Law and Thomistic Juridical Realism

Prospects for a Dialogue with Contemporary Legal Theory

Petar Popović, F. Russell Hittinger

Nature as Guide

Wittgenstein and the Renewal of Moral Theology

David Goodill

New Narratives for Old

The Historical Method of Reading Early Christian Theology: Essays in Honor of Michel Rene Barnes

Anthony Briggman, Ellen Scully

Pope Francis and The Search for God in América

The Significance of His Early Visits to the Americas

Maria Clara Bingemer, Peter J. Casarella, Christophe Pierre

The Predestination of Humans and Angels

Augustinus, Tome III, Book IX

Cornelius Jansen, Guido Stucco

Putting on Christ

Augustine's Early Theology of Salvation and the Sacraments

Ty P. Monroe

Religious Freedom after the Sexual Revolution

A Catholic Guide

Helen M. Alvare

Renewing Catholic Schools

How to Regain a Catholic Vision in a Secular Age

R. Jared Staudt, Most Reverend Samuel J. Aquila, Institute for Catholic Liberal Education

Revelations of Humanity

Anthropological Dimensions of Theological Controversies

Richard Schenk

Seeing Jesus in the Eyes of the Oppressed

A History of Franciscans Working for Peace and Justice

Paul T. Murray

Seeing with the Eyes of the Heart

Cultivating a Sacramental Imagination in an Age of Pornography

Elizabeth T. Groppe

A Short Treatise on the Virgin Mary

René Laurentin, Robert L. Fastiggi

A Symphony of Distances

Patristic, Modern, and Gendered Dimensions of Balthasar's Trinitarian Theology

Christopher M. Hadley

Teaching in Black and White

The Sisters of St. Joseph in the American South

Barbara E. Mattick

A Thomistic Christocentrism

Recovering the Carmelites of Salamanca on the Logic of the Incarnation

Dylan Schrader

A Treasure to Be Shared

Understanding Anglicanorum coetibus

Walter Oxley, Ulrich Rhode, Steven J. Lopes, Cardinal Luis Laderia

The Trinity

On the Nature and Mystery of the One God

Thomas Joseph White

The Unchanging Truth of God?

Crucial Philosophical Issues for Theology

Thomas G. Guarino

Understanding the Religious Priesthood

History, Controversy, Theology

Christian Raab, Brian E. Daley

The Wayfarer’s End

Bonaventure and Aquinas on Divine Rewards in Scripture and Sacred Doctrine

Shawn M. Colberg

What Makes a Carmelite a Carmelite?

The 2020 Carmelite Lecture at The Catholic University of America

Keith Egan, Steven Payne

Why Read Pascal?

Paul J. Griffiths