Transformed in Christ

Transformed in Christ

Essays in the Renewal of Moral Theology

by John S. Grabowski

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  • Paperback
  • 9781932589801
  • Published: July 2017



In calling for a renewal of moral theology, the Second Vatican Council also charted a course for the Church's future. The Decree on Priestly Formation specified the need for "livelier contact with the mystery of Christ and the history of salvation" and called for the discipline to be "more thoroughly nourished by scriptural teaching." To this can be added the teaching of the Pastoral Constitution on the Church, which found the mystery of the human person disclosed in the person of Christ, and the Dogmatic Constitution on the Church's recovery of the universal call to holiness.

The essays in this volume reflect an effort to explore and respond to these hallmarks of renewal indicated by the Council fathers. They therefore treat topics of theological anthropology, the use of Scripture, and growth in holiness through the pursuit of virtue, and also engage the increasingly important question of the role of Scripture in moral theology. These sources of Catholic moral teaching are brought to bear on a variety of pressing contemporary issues: sexual difference, the relationship of sexual expression to marital commitment, methods of family planning, reproductive technologies, and public moral discussion of abortion.

Important figures of this postconciliar renewal—such as Alasdair MacIntyre, Servais Pinckaers, OP, Benedict XVI, and particularly John Paul II—figure prominently in this volume. Drawing on these outstanding thinkers, these essays seek to follow the course of renewal illumined by the Council so as, in the words of Optatum totius, no. 16, "to shed light on the loftiness of the calling of the faithful in Christ and the obligation that is theirs of bearing fruit in charity for the life of the world."