Book Spine Poetry

To close out Poetry Month, we thought we would try our hand at some book spine poetry. Scholarly works are not always known for their melodious titles, but when you’re a press dedicated to what is good, true, and beautiful, it turns out there are lots of options to choose from!

Photograph of book spine poetry 1
To stir a restless heart,
do not resist the Spirit’s call.
On the contrary,
by knowledge & by love
be opened
speaking the incomprehensible God.
Photograph of book spine poetry 2
Wisdom’s apprentice
Nature as Guide
The things that matter
The bonds of Love
By knowledge and by love
Subtle subversions
Out of History
Into God
Photograph of book spine poetry 3
Vestige of Eden, image of eternity
Paradise lost
A world on fire
The wayfarer’s end
From the dust of the Earth
A symphony of distances
A piercing light
The Garden of God
The Vast Design

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