Spring Summer 2023 catalog cover

Spring/Summer 2023 Catalog is Out NOW

The CUA Press is pleased to kick off our new book season with the release of our Spring/Summer 2023 catalog! Here are just a few of the exciting upcoming titles you can look forward to reading:

Principles of Catholic Theology cover

Principles of Catholic Theology, Book 1
On the Nature of Theology

Thomas Joseph White, OP

Salter book cover

The Political Economy of Distributism
Property, Liberty, and the Common Good

Alexander William Salter

Lublin Lectures book cover

The Lublin Lectures and Works on Max Scheler

Karol Wojtyła

The English Critical Edition of the Works of Karol Wojtyla/John Paul II

Kwon book cover

Justice after War
Jus Post Bellum in the 21st Century

David Chiwon Kwon
Foreword by Kenneth R. Himes, OFM

Maurus book cover

On the Formation of Clergy

Bl. Hrabanus Maurus
Translated by Owen M. Phelan

Fathers of the Church Medieval Continuations

Pidel book cover

The Inspiration and Truth of Scripture
Testing the Ratzinger Paradigm

Aaron Pidel, SJ

Verbum Domini

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