Beekeeping parody cover

Parody Covers to Celebrate Our Anniversary!

On this double holiday—the start of this year’s University Press Week and our very own anniversary—we want to celebrate our publishing history and what’s Next UP in our future!

Now, the plan was to spotlight our new in-house designer, Mr. Jake Gaffe*, by asking him to give some of our best books from over the years a fresh coat of paint. Long story short, there was a bit of a mix-up, and the covers we got were a little different than we were expecting…

Cross and Crustacean
A History of Lobster Bashes and Lent

Ingrained Hobbits
Growing Up in Late Third Age Hobbiton

Kneading Theology

Naming Our Sines
How Recognizing the Six Trigonometric Functions Can Renew the Field of Geometry

Thomas More’s Vacation

The End of the House of Alucard

What Makes a Caramel a Caramel?
Exploring Caramel’s Charism

Beeing is Better than Not Beeing
Catholic Spirituality in Beekeeping

Faith, Fiction and the Force in Republic Era Jedi Debates

Shakespeare and the Idea of Westerns

Which book do you wish was real? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter!

And while you’re at it, check out what’s #NextUP at other university presses!

*Mr. Gaffe is fictional and not, in fact, a real CUAP employee.

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