Give & Gain for Ukraine – Thank You for Your Support!

Yesterday, we held a fundraiser with the Catholic Biblical Association to raise money for the Ukrainian Catholic University. In exchange for donations, we gave away CBA & CUA books, journals, tote bags, and lanyards, to great success! Thank you to all who stopped by, whether to donate or simply give well wishes for the event.

The Ukrainian Catholic University is located in Lviv, Ukraine, where many people have fled after Russia invaded the eastern side of the nation. In addition to continuing flexible classes built on a practical service learning model, they have opened their Andrew and Christine Kozak Fitness Center and two dormitories to shelter refugees. They have also converted their Sheptytsky Center to become a collection site for medical supplies and treatment, along with food and other essentials. (Read more in the UCU Foundation’s press release on the subject or on the UCU’s website.)

All donations from yesterday’s event are going to the Ukrainian Catholic University Foundation, who have established the UCU Ukrainian Emergency Fund to support the school’s humanitarian efforts during the war. If you’d like to make a gift, please visit their website or donate to the UCU directly here.

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